Property Management

If you are a Landlord overseas, live a considerable distance away from the property or if you simply would prefer not to have direct contact with your Tenants then why not take advantage of our Property Management service.

In addition to the services we provide in our standard Letting terms, we will carry out the following:

Rent Collection
We will set up a monthly Standing Order Mandate in order to collect the rent on your behalf from your Tenants. Once the rent has been received we will forward it on to your nominated bank account or alternatively send it to you in the form of a cheque less disbursements.

Pursue Rent Arrears
If your Tenant goes into rent arrears we will, in the first instance, pursue the outstanding rent on your behalf. We will write to the Tenant and remind them of their obligations under the terms of their Tenancy Agreement. If however your Tenant is persistently and continually in arrears we will advise you to seek independent legal representation.

Pay service charge accounts
If you notify your Managing Agent and ensure that we are in sufficient funds we will pay your service charges on your behalf.

Prepare rent statements
We will send you quarterly statements detailing the rental income and any deductions for disbursements.

Management inspections
We will visit the property on a periodical basis to carry out a general inspection. The inspection is a non-expert investigation of defects which come to our notice or are clearly and adequately brought to our attention by the Tenant. We cannot accept responsibility for any hidden or latent defects.

Handle Tenant enquiries
The Tenants will liase directly with our management staff for the duration of the Tenancy Term.

Deal with any repairs or maintenance to the property
If during the Tenancy term maintenance or repair issues arise in your property we will ensure they are dealt with and oversee the work. Wherever possible we will obtain three separate quotes.

*full details of our management service is contained within our Terms of Business.

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